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Let's Talk About Bathroom Design Pet Peeves

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Oh bathrooms: they are the best of rooms, they are the worst of rooms. When it comes to interior design and decor, bathrooms can bring a lot of fun (they're great places to try out unexpected materials or graphic tiles, for example), but also a lot of stress (they're often small, damp, and well, the part of the house no one wants to clean.) They're personal, intimate spaces where habits and preferences are born and ingrained, and where, not too surprisingly then, even the smallest things can tick us off. Take for the example, the freestanding bathtub (okay, this is actually a rather big thing, but stay with us here.)

The freestanding tub—that is, one that's not built into the wall on any side nor combined with a shower up top—is a popular choice today, whether it's in larger homes (where sometimes they would even pop-up smack dab in the middle of the master bedroom) or, believe it or not, tighter urban apartments. Coming in a variety of styles from the more vintage to the more modern, freestanding bathtubs are always a bold statement.

Though they tend to be pricier than built-ins, freestanding tubs suggest you really care about what the bathroom looks like. Some people argue they're easier to clean because you have access to all sides, but that's only if they're placed in a spacious room and not wedged snugly into where a built-in tub would have gone otherwise. All told, it's pretty hard for this editor to imagine that behind all the glamour shots, it can actually be an elegant process bathing in a freestanding tub.

But then again: to each their own.

The bathroom being a compact yet complicated space as mentioned, there are of course many more things that may seem like inexplicable decisions to some but no-brainers to others. For example, how about:

Vessel sinks...

A photo posted by Ranvir Nahal (@ranviroclock) on

Exposed pipes...

A photo posted by Houzz Australia (@houzzau) on

Freestanding toilet paper holder (possibly with a magazine rack attached)...

Black toilets...

What can't you stand or just can't understand? Sound off in the comments.

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