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1800s Swedish Summer Home Adds Mod Timber Extension

The Swedes know how to build a vacation home. From Brutalist beauties in the woods to chic, rustic digs in 18th-century fishing villages (yes, those are each real examples), the many varieties of Swedish summer homes seem to know no bounds. But what of winter homes? After all, across Scandinavia summer is but a fleeting thing. Look no further than this quite-nice extension of a 1800s villa in the charmingly named Kummelnäs, Sweden, just to the east of the capital, Stockholm. Masterminded by local firms Kod Arkitekter and General Architecture, the extension on the Villa Eder-Hederus, as it's known, doubles the usable square footage at the residence (from 60 square meters or 645 square feet to just shy of 1,300 square feet), which, Dezeen reports, has been used as a summer home since the 1960s. The wood-frame extension accommodates a double-height living room with in-wall book storage and an office.

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