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Take a Virtual Reality Tour of Unbuilt Neutra Case Study Home

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The Case Study program organized by Arts & Architecture magazine gave pioneering modernist architects such as Richard Neutra an opportunity to share cutting-edge designs for homes in California and Arizona that would influence decades of designers and builders. But due to differing circumstances, many of these influential midcentury designs were never built, only to exist as concepts, renderings, and blueprints. Archilogic, a firm that creates 3D visualizations for architecture and real estate clients, recently brought one of these unbuilt homes to life, creating a virutal reality simulation of Neutra's Omega House, a family dwelling divided into four courts, and built with a sloping, cruciform-style layout. Originally designed in 1945 for the fictitious Southern California family of Mr. and Mrs. Omega (and their three little Omegas), Case Study Home #6 can now be viewed in a limited form at Arch Daily.

While some of the materials in Neutra's description of the home may be dated ("the exterior shell consists of fire-resistant and integrally finished corrugated asbestos"), the home's sleek profile and integration with the landscape remains contemporary. Meant to harmoniously blend in with surrounding homes, the design was never realized in its day, but The Agency currently offers plans for building both the Omega and Alpha house designs by Neutra, if the virtual walk-through piques any potential homeowners and homebuilders.

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