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Super Zen Texas Lake House Comes with Fire Pit, Bocce Court

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To build a retreat fitting of its quiet, natural surroundings—a woodsy site on a located in reservoir 60 miles southeast of Dallas, Texas—local firm Wernerfield Architects followed suit with a streamlined design and a simple palette of materials. Concrete, steel, teak, and glass form several linear volumes weaving among pine trees, including an L-shaped main house that, along with a stone wall, form a delightful sunken fire pit courtyard. Almost all the living spaces are single story, save for one two-story volume that hopes to be a treehouse of sorts for the client's children.

The minimalist interior, the work Emily Summers Design Associates, puts the focus on sweeping glass walls that offer not only super Zen views out to the lake but also access to the rest of the lush compound. For example, in addition to the fire pit courtyard, the landscaping done by local firm Hocker Design Group also includes a well-integrated bocce court.

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