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U.K.'s First Amphibious Home Built to Rise Above Flood Waters

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In response to the threat posed by rising tides and general climate change-related havoc, planners and architects have devised some ingenious solutions for cities, neighborhoods, and individual homes. Now comes news of this "amphibious" house by British firm Baca Architects, which, according to Dezeen, "rises in its dock-like foundations to avoid flood water." If that sounds cool and innovative, it is. The house is purported to be the first of its kind in the country. Dubbed "Formosa," the dwelling lies on an island in the River Thames in the town of Marlow, about 33 miles west of London. The trick here is a responsive foundation that, much like a dock, floats when inundated, keeping the A-frame, zinc-shingle-clad house safely above up to about 8 feet (2.5 meters, to be exact) of water. We love a modern gable, yes, but we love a sensitive, smart design even more. Seeing both showcased so well is excellent.

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