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New Modular Furniture Assembles Into Fully Functional Rooms

What if living spaces—bedrooms, kitchens, home offices—doubled as both discrete areas for living, sleeping, and working and as storage? That's the question being asked and answered in a new line of modular furnishings by French industrial designer Gilles Belley, who, through this furniture system, "mak[es] living spaces out of furniture," says Designboom. The collection, aptly named ROOM, has three elements: AREA, BLOCK, and WALL, which provide drawers, shelves, and other storage while also providing places to sleep, eat, and work. The rectangular BLOCK, for example, provides a host of functions in one, compact solution: There's a lofted bed up top, reached by stairs on one end, as well as cabinets for storage on either side, a small desk for work on the other end.

Perhaps the most ambitious unit in the line is AREA, which is a ovoid shape with bookshelves of various sizes on its perimeter and a central area for lounging and reading. It's a bibliophile's dream and, though less practical than other small-space design solutions we've featured here, certainly provides a novel take on the home library.

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