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Aussie Apartment Building Flaunts Fancy Steel Ribbon Facade

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Seems ribbon-like steel is having a moment in the world of residential design: Yesterday, we wrote about a compact private residence in Tokyo's chic Shibuya neighb' and today, Designboom has this story on a new apartment building in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, (by the name of Hawthorne East, to be precise) by Aussie firm Rothelowman that's clad in ribbons of metal mesh. It is quite a sculptural effect and makes a big aesthetic statement in a neighborhood that is predominately low-rise. The interiors—with their wide-plank, light-wood floors, concrete ceilings, white-tile kitchens and bathrooms, and brass fixtures—are rather sleek and minimalist so the real gesture here is on the facade. Take a look!

ROTHELOWMAN wraps rippling metal ribbons to melbourne apartments
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