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Notebook King Moleskine Collaborates on Chic Portable Office Furniture

It follows that a company like Moleskine, so adept at furnishing thoughtful, well-designed notebooks, might know a thing or two about a good desk. At IMM Cologne this year, a new collection by French designer Philippe Nigro married Moleskine with furniture firm Driade as part of a collaboration to create new office furniture. The portable Atelier offers a fusion of styles and perspectives, resulting in a line of minimal, clean desk accessories and furniture that function together as a movable office made of plywood, oak and steel.

The modular pieces, designed to be nomadic and flexible, include lightweight desks, shelves and stools with occasional flashes of colors. Moleskine and Driade will soon sell the collection, and an extension of the line, including pieces by Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman, have been discussed.

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