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One Guy Spent 6,000 Hours Making the Best Possible Map of the United States

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Oregon cartographer David Imus spent two years working full-time to create this map of the United States, and while it may look like a normal map at first glance, in actuality it is anything but. Imus spent almost 6,000 hours obsessing over the tiniest details—placement of names, font types, letter thickness, etc.—so as to fit all of the pertinent information onto the map cohesively. Not only is every city represented, but the major ones have their most significant attractions listed underneath, along with airports, and everything is still readable. Slate has a more in depth explanation of what makes the map special, but if you don't believe them, it also just won "Best of Show" at the annual Cartography and Geographic Information Society competition.
· The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You'll Ever See [Slate]