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Tom Dixon's New Kitchen Concept Inspired by Jagged Ice

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The first of British designer Tom Dixon's collaborations with Caesarstone, the ICE kitchen, was recently unveiled at the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Inspired by Canada's frozen rivers and lakes, the angular shapes of the table and stools are meant to recall the jagged pieces of ice left over by icebreakers that slice through the frozen surface.

This kitchen is the first of four designs inspired by the elements (ice, fire, earth, and air) coming out during the course of the year (no word if they'll be joined together in some Captain Planet-style theme house). For the ICE display, Dixon complimented the Caesarstone surfaces and seating with an aluminum extension system utilized in flat pack housing and his Melt Lights to provide a more industrial aesthetic. In a statement, the designers says he drew on the analogy of a kitchen as an alchemist's laboratory where materials are transformed.

"Where the contemporary kitchen seeks to hide the activities behind a series of minimal blocks, here we expose the chopping, the steaming, the freezing, the scouring and the disposal of waste in all its active glory," he says.

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