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Design Students Create Coat That Turns Into a Tent

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Design students at the Royal College of Art created this coat that can be turned into a tent or a sleeping bag in order to provide Syrian refugees with both waterproof clothing and temporary shelter. When you hear "coat that turns into a tent" you think it's going to be mostly one and not the other, but this one really does appear to function as both, even if Doctors of the World has pooh-poohed the idea. "It's great that they're trying to help. But it's not going to be particularly effective if the temperature is minus 10 and you're trudging through the Balkans," said a rep for the organization. "It looks more suitable for festival-going or possibly even for the UK homeless." The students are currently trying to raise £300,000 on Kickstarter.
· The 'wearable dwelling' – a coat for refugees that turns into a tent [The Guardian]