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Swedish Design Studio Unveils Gorgeous Leather Rugs

A good rug can make a room. We've seen them in cotton, in wool, in jute, in combinations of all three, and more, but we haven't often seen them in leather. Yes, leather. From Swedish multidisciplinary architecture and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune comes this collection of scored leather rugs, recently showcased at the Inde/Jacobs Gallery in Marfa, Texas (which, by the way, the firm also designed). The line, called "A Sense of Place," were initially created for the floors in the Marfa gallery and come in a variety of shapes, including a circular rug dubbed "Midwest," a rectangular one dubbed "Marfa Crossroads," and more. The lines etched into each rug are meant to evoke the feeling that you're looking at fields and roads from above. All the rugs are set to take up residence at the Nitty Gritty Store from February 10th to 28th, overlapping with Stockholm Design Week. Please excuse us while we buy our plane tickets.

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