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This Private Jet Could Apparently Fly Across the World in 30 Minutes and Probably Not Even Kill You

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The Antipode is an airplane designed by Canadian engineer Charles Bombardier that could apparently fly 10 people from New York to London in 11 minutes, or from New York to Dubai in 22 minutes, or from New York to Sydney in 32 minutes. This is how it would do that, via Architectural Digest:

His vision involved a jet that would be shot out of a magnetically charged electric launch system. From there, the aircraft would ignite liquid oxygen in order to rise in speed and altitude until it was moving at such a rate to successfully compress incoming air for engine combustion, burning hydrogen and compressed oxygen to accelerate to roughly 6,600 m.p.h. at 40,000 feet. Yeah, sure, okay. That sounds terrifying, but what do we know? If you were to explain how any airplane works it would probably sound terrifying, so there's no reason why—oh, what's that you say? It is terrifying? Well, what do you know.

While the concept impressed, it also left difficult design issues on the table (such as the overheating of the aircraft and sonic boom produced from such incredibly fast speeds). Don't worry, though. Bombardier has improved the design to make it much safer and more feasible and oh wait, he actually just added detachable rocket boosters.

The most important feature distinguishing the new jet from its predecessor (which would employ a magnetic railgun system to launch) is that the Antipode would be able to take off from any airfield, due to rocket boosters attached to its wings. The boosters would provide the craft with enough thrust to climb to 40,000 feet and reach Mach 5. From there, they would separate from the aircraft and fly back to base. Yeah, actually we just realized there we're not in that much of a hurry.
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