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Scandinavian Design Lovers Rejoice! Here's a Subscription Box For You

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Though 2014 brought us such disasters as Miley Cyrus twerking and the sad news that a 1960s time capsule in Tokyo, the Hotel Okura, would be demolished, it also brought us something truly good, something lovers of Scandinavian design needed: a monthly subscription box all their own called Skandicrush. Skandicrush was great. A San Francisco-based design lover founded the service and our critic, Alexandra Lange, wrote in the New York Times about the scrappy upstart, one-woman business that was busy fulfilling our drëåms. Sadly, Skandicrush canceled subscriptions last spring, citing an inability to keep up with demand, thereby leaving a void in the Scandinavian housewares game that could, potentially, be filled by NorseBox. The quarterly NorseBox, founded last September by a Swedish-American woman, is billing itself as "The Nordic Design Subscription" and right now, with Skandicrush out of play, "the" seems fairly accurate.

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2016 NorseBoxes will start shipping on March 1st (with the last of the year arriving on December 9, in time to distribute its contents for the end-of-year holidays, should you choose). What can we expect? If the 2015 Holiday "issue" and its candlestick holder, Christmas tree ornaments, postcards, and jewelry box are any indication, lots of simple, seasonally appropriate, gorgeous goods. In case you're wondering, a yearlong subscription will set you back $240. We'll have more here when the first box arrives on March 1st, so watch this space!

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