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Eerie, Historic Staten Island Mansion Goes on Sale for $1.7M

One of Staten Island's most fascinating mansions is back on the market, after first being listed in 2014 and delisted in October of last year. The 10-bedroom Italianite Revival home in Egbertville has a slightly creepy past: It was once occupied by confectioner Gustav Mayer, known for creating Nabisco's sugar wafers, but after his death his daughters, Paula and Emilie, let it fall into disrepair. (As often happens with crumbling homes occupied by members of the same family, it's been dubbed the Grey Gardens of Staten Island.) Despite the mansion's somewhat spooky, dilapidated interiors, it's become quite popular as a location for high-fashion photoshoots, and has appeared in the pages of Vogue, New York, and more. It's now asking $1.74 million, a significant drop from its highest ask of $2.31 million. And for the right buyer (doesn't mind a renovation challenge, enjoys living in quasi-haunted houses), the lower price might just be right.

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