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The Best Apartment Deal in New York City Was Briefly a $200/Night Igloo

The blizzard that a ton of snow all over the northeast was a real pain in the ass for most New Yorkers, but for one Greenpoint resident it was an opportunity. And opportunity, that is, to make an awesome igloo. And, briefly a business opportunity, during the six hours that Patrick Horton's listing was allowed to remain on Airbnb. After that, the site's support team removed it and told Horton that, although renting out igloos is not illegal per se, his did not have running water or electricity and the roof might collapse, a point that Horton conceded, while also pointing out that: "Okay, so we had a roof that could melt. But I'm pretty sure that defines every igloo." What's next for Horton's igloo? Craigslist, of course. Anything goes on Craigslist.
· The coolest rental in Brooklyn this weekend was a $200/night igloo [Brokelyn]