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'30s Apartment in Italy Renovated to Dream-Like Perfection

Covering nearly 2,700 square feet in a 1930s building, this apartment in Turin, Italy has been renovated into a stunning tribute to its origins in the era of Rationalist architecture and metaphysical art. Completed by Italian firm UdA Architetti for a family of three generations, the pad puts a modern spin on Rationalism, embracing proportion and simplicity of structure while feeding off the high-contrast, eerie work of Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico for color and motif inspiration.

According to the project brief, a key example of these influences can be found in the plaster truss at the entrance, which reinterprets a coffered portico in Via Roma, the grand street in the historic center of Turin where this home is also located. The distorted stucco and wallpaper ceiling in the dining area, as well as a geometric system of metal bars across the apartment are also nods to de Chirico's dreamy perspective paintings, which often depict empty colonnades and other common sights in classical cities. Quite a few pieces of furnishing, like the beds and a bookcase, were designed by UdA, but you can get additional product information here.

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