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Trio of Prefab Timber Cabins Form Rustic Maine Getaway

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With large swaths of the east coast of the U.S. buried under a historic snowfall, all we can think about is summer. And, more specifically, summer homes, like this rustic seaside compound of three cabins in Maine. Designed by Belfast, Maine-based studio Go Logic, which has a sizable prefab construction and Passivhaus practice, the trio of cabins (a main house and two freestanding bedroom pavilions) are connected by a deck-like pathway in this wooded enclave in the southern town of Vinalhaven, on one of Maine's small eastern islands. The compound is adorably named "Little House on the Ferry," and is clad in pre-cut timber panels that facilitate easy transportation of the components for assembly on site, reports Dezeen. The clean-lined interiors get plenty of sunlight and the gabled elevation makes the cabins feel especially roomy.

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