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Sean Connery Sold Spanish Villa Allegedly to Prevent Neighbors From Seeing Him in His Underwear

There's a Spanish tax fraud case happening right now that involves real estate and 18 people being tried and it all sounds very complicated. But the pertinent thing here is that it somehow involves actor Sean Connery's decision to sell his Spanish villa in the 1990s, which he allegedly did, one witness has testified, because he was angry about all the development happening around him, allegedly saying, "Those people are not going to see me in my underpants; I am leaving Marbella." That is the perfect thing to imagine Sean Connery saying in his Sean Connery voice, and if a tape of that happened to exist we would never ask for anything again.

And in Sean Connery's defense, if there's one thing he knows about it's bad neighbors.
· Shy Sean Connery's underwear fears sparked alleged Marbella property fraud, court hears [Telegraph UK]