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How One Photographer Captures 'New York From Above'

Photographer Evan Joseph has made a career of capturing New York City's diverse architecture in its many forms: He works with high-end real estate firms to capture luxe interiors, and with construction firms to document their projects in progress. He's also released two books that explore New York City in different contexts: comparing the streetscapes of the past to their present-day counterparts, and showing what landmarks look like at night. His latest project, a book titled New York From Above, offers yet another perspective on NYC: as the title suggests, the images were all taken high above the city, either from a helicopter or from atop buildings like One World Trade Center. "My aim is really about capturing what I see as this tremendous beauty in New York," he explains. "There is a beauty here that rivals anything you see in the Grand Canyon."

Curbed NY has the full story and all the breathtaking photos. >>