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This Nevada Mansion Would Make a Pretty Good Supervillain's Lair

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What this $2.5 million Henderson, Nevada house lacks in warmth and homeyness, it makes up for in sharp angles and multi-story windows. Hence, we think it would make a great base of operations for any current or aspiring supervillains out there. Consider the following qualities that any good supervillain mansion needs, all of which this one has:

· multiple areas where you can stand on a balcony looking down at things below the balcony
· a big glass table with seating for at least 10
· lots of glass, just in general
· an outdoor sculpture that is probably secretly in the shape of your supervillain symbol
· a swimming pool in close enough proximity to the house that you could throw one of your henchmen through an upstairs window in a fit of villainous rage and him land in the pool
· black toilet

· 2 Rue Allard Way, Henderson, NV 89011 [Zillow]