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For $4.5M, You Can Live in an Embassy on Millionaire's Row Built By the Firm Behind the White House's West Wing

What better mansion to live in then one that was not only the Embassy of Georgia, but a creation of Wyeth & Cresson, the architecture firm behind the West Wing of the White House. It last sold for $3,183,600 in June 2014 and has returned to the market for $4.5 million, a price not so unusual for Millionaire's Row. This 8,091-square-foot, five-story listing is for those homeowners who need a lot of space, especially when it offers eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. To top it all off, the 1911-built abode features built-ins, wooden staircases, a myriad of chandeliers, and five parking spaces.

Curbed DC has all the photos. >>