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Revamped London Townhouse With Industrial Flair Asks $8.5M

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Location: London, England
Price: £5,950,000 (~$8,504,454)

Joining a posh squad of impressive London townhouses, this five-story Victorian terrace house wasn't always the glamorous industrial-chic abode it appears to be in these photos. Once used as a part of local landmark Mercury Theatre, the roughly 3,210-square-foot building was unmodernized for the most part when design and development outfit Cubic Studios scooped it up to revamp as a contemporary spec home. Completed between 2012 and 2014, the renovation incorporates Cubic Studios' signature style of "New York loft meets London gallery" through a host of furniture, fixtures, and finishes designed by the firm itself.

Some of the bespoke highlights of the four-bedroom home include a steel and glass staircase, kitchen with custom cabinets and geometric tile flooring, concrete fixtures in the bathroom, polished plaster wardrobes in the bedrooms, and an indoor pool. Most of the furniture shown here, however, such as the thought-provoking swing table by the kitchen, were pulled from other companies for the photo shoot. Alas, welcome to the era of extravagant home staging...

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