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This Hard-Shelled Suitcase Can Fold Flat For Storage

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The creators of this suitcase, known as Néit Luggage, claim that it is the world's first collapsable, hard-shelled suitcase, and since we've never seen another collapsable, hard-shelled suitcase that we can recall, that just might be the case. The product simultaneously solves the problems of needing something in which you can carry your stuff while your traveling and also being immediately pissed off at your large and unwieldy suitcase as soon as you enter your home or hotel room. It launched on Kickstarter three days ago, and has already raised almost half of its £68,000 goal, because if there's one thing that Kickstarter donors love, it's an intelligently designed suitcase.
· This New Suitcase Design Claims To Be The World's First Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case Luggage [contemporist]