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Restored 12th-Century French Chateau Looks Just Splendid

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In the span of two years, a French couple who owns the interiors stores Les Petites Emplettes managed to turn a crumbling 12th-century chateau in western France into a stylish and cozy home for their family. First featured on Inside Out, the restored space features soaring doors and ceilings after false ceilings were removed, as well as splendid green accents throughout (which is proving to be quite the trendy color choice for well-appointed homes.) A charmingly rustic, antiquated feel is also palpable, as layers of old wallpaper are purposely left in tact on the main floor and natural materials like linen and wicker dress up the simple, all-white bedrooms above.

Check out the full story and gallery on Inside Out.

The Stunning Renovation of a French Chateau [Inside Out]