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This Space-Saving Prefab Module Makes a Tiny San Francisco Loft Livable

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In a city like San Francisco, where a serious dearth of housing has driven up home prices across the city, any available space will do, no matter the size. But accommodating all the stuff that makes a living space, well, livable, means getting creative. For a young couple living in a small condominium in the city, this means a custom, multi-use loft in their tiny apartment, with space for sleeping, working, and more. The design team at local fabrication, design, and coding firm ICOSA, in collaboration with designer Peter Suen, created the "Domino Loft" as a contained volume with a lofted bed atop and a multi-use space below. A fold-down dining table, whiteboard, murphy bed for guests, and clothing storage are all contained in the cubic volume. The whole thing—and its concrete panels, wood slats, and cabinetry—was prefabricated off site in nearby Oakland. It's all rather impressive. Take a look.

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