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This Bronx Mansion Was Built For Jesus to Live In, But You Can Rent It Until He Shows Up

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When Jesus Christ (the son of God, from the Bible) gets back from heaven, he's going to be accustom to a certain quality of life that he didn't experience during his first going around here on earth, and he's probably going to be ready to kick his feet back in an awesome mansion. Hence this 1928 mansion in the New York City borough of the Bronx, which was built by a religious order for Jesus to live in when he returns. It's still waiting, but in the meantime, you can rent it for $35,000 per month, because having $35,000 per month to spend in rent is almost as good as being Jesus.

And hey, if you're Jesus returned to earth in disguise and you're and reading this: Jesus, there is a lavish mansion waiting for you in (technically) New York City and even though it's passed on to new ownership, you can probably still live there for free. What are you waiting for, man?

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