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These Designer Dog Houses Are Stunning and Easy to Assemble

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From the high-tech to the starchitect-conceived to the vintage-cool, the designer dog house has come a long way. And there's clearly more ground to cover. This month, South Korean design-minded pet brand Bad Marlon launched a new line of dog houses and beds that are sure to go well with homes furnished in a streamlined, modern style.

As Dog Milk (yep, the puppy-focused off-shoot of design blog Design Milk) reports, the current collection includes two food-inspired bed designs (Marron and Ravioli), three flatpack dog houses that easily assemble from magnetic joints (Oshu, Deauville, and Larvik), and one interlocking pen. They all have a bit of Nordic flair, don't they? Anyway, prices range from $82 to $435 and you will need to contact the shop for shipping availability.

Assembly demo:

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