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Which NFL Player Claims the Most Lavish Mansion?

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It's obvious that quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton are supremely skilled athletes—they led their teams to Super Bowl 50, after all—but how would they match up if they were judged not on their on-the-field talents, but on their keen home-buying acumen? Does Manning's sprawling Denver-area estate put Newton's shiny Charlotte condo to shame? What about their teammates? Would the $2 million Dallas mansion once owned by Broncos' linebacker DeMarcus Ware crush the seven-bedroom Scottsdale house that Panthers' defensive end Jared Allen called home? Let's find out.

We've selected 16 over-the-top properties owned, currently or previously, by NFL players to face off in an AFC vs. NFC real estate matchup. The bracket squares off pro football players from 11 different teams, and the homes range from a waterfront mansion in Seattle to a 4,500-square-foot log "cabin" in Wisconsin to a party pad in Tampa. Which modern-day castle should be the champion? The polls for the first round of games open tomorrow, with competition continuing throughout the week.

UPDATE 2/2: Cast your votes here!

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