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A Designer Made a Hoverboard That Actually Hovers, and It Only Costs $20K

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The most annoying thing about those nearly ubiquitous "hoverboards" is not even the fact that they occasionally burst into flames, but rather that they don't even hover. It doesn't even look like they're hovering. They clearly have wheels, and those wheels are clearly in contact with the ground at all times. Don't words have meaning anymore? *shakes fist at sky*

Designer Dumitru Popescu of ARCA Space Corporation must have been as annoyed by this as we are, because he has designed a hoverboard that actually hovers, using 36 electric-ducted fans. The board costs $19,900 and it can go for around three minutes before it runs out of battery.

Hey, we didn't say it was perfect.
· This designer has made a flying hoverboard that actually works [Contemporist, via design you trust]