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A Bunch of Towers in Dubai Might Be Pretty Flammable

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The New Year's Eve fire that decimated The Address Downtown Dubai hotel has some people asking, hey, how flammable are these superluxury towers? The good news is that since 2012 regulations have gotten more stringent for new buildings. The bad is, years existed before 2012. "Two thirds of the buildings in Dubai are covered with aluminium composite panels (ACP) that is not fire rated," said Samer Barakat, the chief executive of Alumco, the company that supplied the panels that The Address was clad in. "From our side we complied. We gave all our submissions, there was approval on every submission according to specification. We cannot create a code for ourselves. We cannot create a product that is above what is required. According to the regulations of that time, this is the best we had."
· Most Dubai towers built before 2012 'have non fire-rated exterior panels' [The National, via Architect]