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CES 2016: The Smart Home Developments to Watch

Beginning with press previews today, the Consumer Electronics Show—better known simply as CES—kicks off in Las Vegas, and Curbed will be on the ground tomorrow through Friday bringing you intel on what's new, what's promising, and, perhaps most importantly, what we think consumers can do without. What's a Smart Home, you ask? In brief, it's a house with integrated or out-of-box technology that helps homeowners remotely monitor security/safety, temperature/environment, and entertainment systems. So, what can you expect from this year's CES showcase, and why should you care?

TV tech reigns supreme at CES, and companies like Samsung, LG, and more will roll out their latest offerings in booths seven to ten times larger than the typical New York City apartment. In previous years, television sets with ultra-high resolution and curved screens were all the rage, and super-high resolution offerings and novelly curvaceous screens will still be at the party. No word yet on whether or not a curved screen means it's okay to put said screen over a fireplace.

Improvements in television technology are, to a certain extent, a push against the trend toward mobile and on-demand streaming—if TVs are sexier, perhaps millennials will start buying them, the logic seems to go. Expect, too, though to see sets with integrations for the kinds of streaming services consumers can't seem to get enough of.

As put succinctly by our sister site, The Verge, CES is the place it's easiest to believe in the dream of the smart home. At the moment, barriers to adoption for laypeople include, among other things, the sheer number of products on the market and, at the moment, their inability to communicate with one another. Though that's changing, and you will likely see developments and news on this front at this year's CES, it's slow going.

What does this mean for real-world consumers? Time will tell. Successes like the beautifully designed Nest thermostat are fewer and further between than anyone in the tech world will tell you, but homeowners do tend to take a liking to easy-to-use tech that has the potential to positively affect the way they live. Watch this space.

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