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Truckee, California Wins the Curbed Cup Ski Town of the Year

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Sixteen ski towns entered, but only one emerged victorious: Truckee, California is officially the 2015 Curbed Cup winner!

The battle for the Curbed Cup Ski Town of the Year was fierce, but in the end Truckee beat out Sun Valley by a margin of 369 votes. Everyone had a lot to say about the final match up, with one commenter arguing, "Sun Valkey is amazing. As much as I'd like to keep this secret to myself, I think it needs to be shared." There were plenty of Truckee fans too, one writing, "With Lake Tahoe being the most amazing backyard to it how could it not be number one?" There were over 3,700 votes cast in the final round alone, so the Curbed Cup definitely struck a nerve.

In the end, Truckee took home the final prize. It's a good year for it too, with monster El Niño snow dropping plenty of fresh pow for skiers to enjoy at nearby Northstar, SugarBowl, Donner Ski Ranch, and Squaw Valley. Cheers to Truckee and congrats on the win!

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