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I.M. Pei Attacked by Home Health Aide Last Month, Say Cops

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Sad news from New York City over the long New Year's weekend: Pritzker Prize-winning architect I.M. Pei alleged that his home health aide assaulted him, according to a police complaint first reported by the New York Post. Pei, renowned for designing the Louvre's glass pyramid and the Kennedy Library, alleges that on December 13, Eter Nikolaishvili, 28, "grabbed his right forearm and forcefully twisted [it]," ripping the skin from his arm. Pei claims he had threatened to call the cops to report "something bad" that she had done. Nikolaishvili claims she had merely caught Pei as he was falling, which resulted in the injury to his arm.

According to a law enforcement source quoted by The Post, the 98-year-old architect was taken from his $9 million home in Sutton Place on Manhattan's Upper East Side to the hospital around 4 a.m. with large red marks on his forearm and "bleeding lacerations and bruising."

After Pei contacted police, they spent weeks investigating before arresting Nikolaishvili last Tuesday. After being arrainged that day in Manhattan Criminal Court, she was released without bail. Due to his age, Pei was unable to recall why he initially threatened to call the cops on Nikolaishvili.

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