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Entrepreneurs Have Invented the World's Most Annoying Alarm Clock

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A team of Hong Kong- and Vancouver-based entrepreneurs have invented an alarm clock that won't shut up until you get out of bed and stand on it for three seconds. Oh, joy.

The idea behind "Ruggie" is perfectly sensible—when your alarm clock is just a phone (or an actual clock, if those still exist) it's very easy to hit snooze. Fine. That all checks out. Still, it is completely impossible to imagine yourself not immediately hating Ruggie after the very first time it forced you to crawl out of your warm bed and stand in the middle of your room. Also, once you are standing on it, it punishes you further by spouting "daily motivation or just something positive, in a funny voice." At that point, we'd probably go back to sleep out of spite. The Kickstarter video goes on to remind you that daily risers are often successful people, and then lists four examples, one of which is Mike Tyson.

Ruggie is well on its way to meeting its $36,113 Kickstarter goal.
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