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Farmhouse Sinks: The Practical Choice or Overrated?

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What do exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and the Eames shell chair have in common? How about that they were all interior design moves that were quite frankly overexposed in 2015? Well, one more thing that was everywhere last year and shows no sign of slowing down in 2016 is the farmhouse sink, which is usually deeper than the average modern sink and isn't embedded in any countertop or cabinetry.

It's weird to say that farmhouse sinks are "hot for 2016" because they actually date back a time when they're less a "style" but just what was the most practical for rural homes to store water before the advent of running water. But they really are trendy! In the last year, the farmhouse sink has gotten dreamy slideshow treatments in both Architectural Digest and Vogue, not to mention showing up in listings all over the Curbediverse. Take a look.

Now, it makes aesthetic sense for a real (or wannabe) farmhouse or cottage-y place to include a farmhouse sink to highlight its rustic flair. But as you can see in the photos above, the farmhouse sink did not discriminate in 2015: it's found its way into all kinds of homes, such as a midcentury modern, urban craftsman, Manhattan townhouse, and mountain retreat.

By default, farmhouse sinks look a little out of place in modern kitchens, something that can be overlooked if the logistic merits really deliver—the ability to store and clean a bunch of plates at a time and better ergonomics are no small considerations. What happens when they show up in bathrooms though? Is that just gratuitous?

Alright, alright, alright, we know people can do whatever the hell they want with their own homes, but for the purposes of productive debate, make your voice heard: are you for or against the farmhouse sink? Why?

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