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Breezy Midcentury Ranch Off Long Island Seeks $765K

The street names in this part of Shelter Island are so sweet: Blueberry Lane, Petticoat Lane, and this one, Cozy Lane. This is a classic small (1400sf) midcentury ranch, and the owners have done a stellar job furnishing the living room, which includes a white-painted brick fireplace. There's also a good sized eat-in kitchen, but the space is crying out for much funkier cabinets and retro appliances. Outside, there's a generous 0.9-acre of land with a gunite pool, offering expansion possibilities. There are three bedrooms (typically small) and two baths, which seems like they could use renovation. (We love retro bathrooms, but a lavender sink, yellow tub and toilet?) With a bit of money poured into it, this property could be a real showplace.

It's already pretty swell. >>