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Crested Butte Announced It Will Allow On-Mountain Fat Biking

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In an unprecedented move, Crested Butte Mountain Resort just announced that the Colorado ski area will allow winter biking before and after ski resort operating hours. With the rise in popularity of fat bikes, the resort realized the opportunity of allowing bikers access to the mountain terrain under a similar policy as uphill skiers. Erica Mueller, Director of PR and Innovations, explains, "At CBMR, we try to fit the needs and desires of all user groups. With Crested Butte being a popular mountain bike destination in the summer, it makes sense for us to continue the trend in the winter by being one of the first areas to offer fat bikers access on the resort." Bike riders are allowed on all groomed terrain to the top of the Red Lady lift and the top of the Painter Boy lift. Anyone up for a moonlight ride?