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New England Patriot With Carport vs. Neighbors Is the Frontrunner for Neighbor Beef of 2016

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It may be early in the year, but we already have a frontrunner for the national title of Neighbor Fight of the Year. Danny Amendola, a wide receiver on the playoff-bound New England Patriots, installed a carport next to his Providence, Rhode Island home, so that he won't be late for practice if there's a snow storm. (Patriots coach Bill Belichick is infamously intolerant of players being late for practice, and also everything.) The problem is that the home is located in a historic district and some of Amendola's stuffier neighbors are not happy. "Wealthy people like to buy things and have their way," said one neighbor, who added that he would be happier if it were Tom Brady living down the street.

Amendola declined to comment.
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