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Henry Ford's Enforcer's California Property Asks $799K

This is one of those cases where the property's history is more interesting than the property itself, but this $799,000 listing in Desert Hot Springs, California once belonged to Harry Bennett, the union-busting right hand man of Ford Motor Company founder Henry Ford. As "perhaps America's most famous corporate thug," Bennett presided over the Rouge Service Department at Ford, a squadron of between 800 and 8,000 men who "make no pretense of working, but are merely 'keeping order' in the plant community through terror." Bennett was also famous for keeping lions as pets at his Michigan home, but by the time he moved out to Desert Hot Springs at the end of his life, after being ousted from the company by Henry Ford's son, his lion-keeping days were over—he instead kept a cadre of trained house cats.

· 19900 Bennett Road, Desert Hot Springs, CA [Estately]