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Superb Tiny House Combines Practicality and Fancy Touches

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One huge appeal of a tiny house on wheels is being able to simply go places, and this recently completed one from the Las Vegas area shows why. Parked amid magnificent red rock formations, the wholesome micro dwelling can bring out the adventurer in all of us. Designed and custom-built by Rob Millar of Old Hippies Woodworking & Design, the house, first featured on Tiny House Swoon, includes quite a few features common in other fabulous tiny homes, such as a lofted bed, built-in table, and composting toilet.

And while it lacks certain conveniences like say, a full-size oven and tub, it does offer a few special touches, including a Mexican ceramic sink in the kitchenette, stained glass above the bed, and well, that backdrop (which is apparently this tiny house's long-term site.) Find the full gallery here, including a shot of the shower area.

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