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Paris storefronts take center stage in charming photos

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The project aims to tell the story of City of Lights through the facades, window displays and signage of its storefronts

Digital printing company Pixartprinting teamed up with photographer Sebastian Erras for a whimsical project that’ll leave you dreaming of Paris tonight. Pixartprinting has been studying shops around the globe—the company also explored the storefronts of Milan with a photographer—and now it’s taken on Paris. The project aims not only to profile unique storefronts, but also the people who run them.

Called Paris Re-Tale, once you click on a photo of a storefront you’re taken to a write-up about the owners and their shop. There’s everything from Fish La Boissonerie, a fine dining bar that opened in 1999 and is decorated with a mosaic facade with shells and fish (the store was once run by a fish monger) to L’International Records, the fun, bright blue storefront that fronts a record store.

Many of the facades have been carefully restored—the Hotel du Petit Moulin actually has a bakery storefront; the 17th century building is the site of Paris’ first bakery and the hotel owners decided to keep the “boulangerie” sign.

Overall, the project covers every type of Parisian from puppet makers, book sellers, restauranteurs, barbers, bakers, artisans and film buffs. As Paris Re-Tale’s website says, it’s “a story made by the people who put art and creativity at the core of their everyday life.”