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Wood takes center stage at this modern home in Germany

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It was designed specifically to showcase a company’s  expertise in wood home construction

If a development company wants to advertise a speciality they’re really good at, it makes sense to go ahead and build a spectacular house to shows it off. That’s the case with Flagship, a model home designed to showcase the German company Baufritz’s expertise in timber construction. The house, located in Germany, was also built with the help of Alfredo Häberli Design Development.

Simply put, this house respects wood. As Contemporist notes, it’s comprised of two different buildings that boast wood details inside and out. There’s an outside terrace that wraps around the main building—known as the Flagship—and provides access via a bridge to a small neighboring building, known as the Stöckli.

In the Flagship structure, built-in furniture plays heavily into the overall design. There’s built-in furniture with extensive storage space along the ground floor, running centrally through the entire length of the building. There are small rooms arranged all around this corridor.

The Nordic-inspired, pale wood interior serves as a contrast to the furniture and interior details like this dramatic perforated screen, which creates shadows across the dining room when it’s drawn.

The ground-floor bedroom is outfitted with a built-in, corner fireplace that flows into a seating area. Our favorite detail: a built-in bathtub in the ensuite bathroom. It’s surrounded by wood, of course.

Dramatic wood stairways, framed by windows that look out onto the garden, lead you upstairs. Floor-to-ceiling windows upstairs flood the space with light.

The upstairs kitchen is covered with more wood, with a breakfast bar that also doubles as shelving.

A lounge area also utilizes built-in furniture design, with the wood bookshelf practically flowing into the fireplace, which then transforms into seating. Upholstered seating makes this look a lot like a tech office.

The mini structure that’s accessed from the bridge is called the Stöckli—a type of building that Swedish farmers typically move into when they retire. Here, the design makes it a more flexible space that could hold guest rooms or a work space.

Wood detailing and built-in furniture still abound in the Stöckli. The upper floor has a built-in window sill that flows into a table. The stairwell is surrounded by curvaceous wood slats.

A small cellar, hidden behind the property, serves as wine storage and a sort of secret dining area. It wouldn’t be complete without a wood table, surrounded by wood stools. Besides the impressive and innovative design, the house is also environmentally friendly, as the roof of Flagship building is covered in solar panels.