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This house blends right into its lush surroundings with a rad ceramic tile screen

While providing shade and privacy

Plenty of homes have tried to camouflage into their surroundings, usually by matching the material found in the landscape or simply “vanishing” through mirrored facades. This Barcelona house, designed by local firm PMMT, takes a more inventive approach.

The three-story home, built on a verdant sloped site, is mostly clad in chestnut board. However, a considerable portion of the structure—mainly the open-air living spaces—are further covered by a checkered screen made of ceramic tiles installed on a stainless steel wire lattice. The shade of green found on these tiles were especially selected to blend into the surrounding gardens.

"With this ceramic curtain, we were able to solve four plans that in architecture are normally solved in separate ways: the facade, the pergola, the curtain walls and the roof," architect Alex Herráez explains. See the full gallery here.