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David Bowie’s Memphis Design cache will hit the auction block next month

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David Bowie—the late English singer, actor, and all-around icon—was also a big fan of Italian architect and industrial design mastermind Ettore Sostsass and, more generally, Memphis Design. It fits, given Bowie’s reputation for embracing the off-kilter. What modern-era design movement was more off-kilter than Memphis, which made its name trafficking in wiggling, primary-colored geometries?

Bowie’s eclectic personal collection—which will hit the auction block in London on Friday, November 11, courtesy Sotheby’s—offers up an emphatic “none!” as answer to that question. It includes assorted lighting, goblets, tables, bookshelves, sideboards, and a dizzying array of other odds and ends, totaling 100 lots. Designers like Nathalie Du Pasquier, Sottsass himself, and others, like George J. Sowden, Andrea Branzi, and Michele De Lucchi, are all in the mix.

So, how much will items from the auction run you? Some, like Sottsass’s ‘Tartar’ Centre Table, are estimated to fetch somewhere between £3,000 and £5,000, while others in the sale, like Nathalie Du Pasquier’s ‘Carrot’ Vase, will only set you back an estimated £80. We dare you to take a look at all the lots over on the Sotheby’s website and not drool a little.