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Elegant smart doorbell Ding connects residents to visitors remotely

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A clean, easy-to-use alternative

Another smart-home accessory has hit the market for perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of a home: the doorbell.

How many times have you missed a package or a visitor because you weren’t there to open the door or simply couldn’t hear the doorbell ring? Ding, a new minimalist smart doorbell, promises to prevent that.

A collaboration between London-based startup Ding and creative consultancy MAP (an arm of the industrial design studio Barber & Osgerby), the Ding smart doorbell system comprises three elements: an exterior doorbell button, an indoors fabric-covered WiFi speaker called the “Chime,” and a corresponding smartphone app. When someone comes to the door and rings the doorbell, the Chime will work as a regular doorbell, while the smartphone app will let residents communicate with the visitor remotely.

What sets Ding apart from other smart doorbells is its sleek design and ease of use. "We have designed the Ding smart doorbell to be simple, beautiful and smart, improving the user experience and ensuring its design works elegantly with modern homes," John Nussey, co-­founder and CEO of Ding, tells Dezeen.

Just launched on Kickstarter, Ding has raised almost $25,000 in less than a day, already reaching half of its goal. Early-bird pricing for a Ding smart doorbell starts at $129.

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