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Low-cost vacation home lights up with translucent walls

Built for under $36 per square foot

For many a home owner, good design is all about the light. This wee seaside cottage has an entire wall made of polycarbonate panels—a translucent material that brings beautifully diffused natural light into the home. Large windows and glass doors at the home’s front and back let in additional light and frame a view of the sea.

Designed by architect Alejandro Soffia, the building was created with budget in mind. The use of low-cost materials including polycarbonate and untreated wood kept the price tag low—at less than $36.50 per square foot. Soffia also worked with a local carpenter to take advantage of local building techniques that would help curtail costs.

Constructed around a small existing building, the vacation pad has a sunny front lounge area with access to a patio, a kitchenette, bathroom, and large bedroom towards the back. Polycarbonate-topped overhangs on both the front and back of the home provide shade.

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