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Score a converted train station home in Sweden for $318K

Attention all brick lovers!

If you’ve never dreamed of living in a converted train station, this stellar example in southern Sweden, near the city of Malmö, might change that immediately. Designed by Folk Zettervall, a noted Swedish architect who was the head architect for Swedish State Railways between 1895 and 1930, the three-story brick beauty has been impressively restored. And on the ground level, what was once the station waiting room is now a delightfully unorthodox living room, with historic details like the ticketing booth and mailboxes still in tact.

For those with 2,795,000 SEK, or about $318,005, to spare, the lofty residence is now available for purchase. The second floor of the home contains an open kitchen with painted white floors and two large bedrooms. On the the third floor, there’s an unfurnished attic waiting to be transformed. This is just perfect for lovers of beautiful arched windows, exposed brick, and countryside vistas.