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Artist's Persian rug paintings will make you do a double-take

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Jason Seife recreates the intricate patterns using paint and pen

Artist Jason Seife’s work, recreating the intricate designs on Persian rugs in paint and pen, involves an impressive level of skill. Designboom profiled his work reproducing Persian carpets on canvases.

Based in Miami, Seife has mastered the motifs and patterns commonly used in Persian rug design. He was initially drawn to this specific aesthetic because of the rich history of the Persian carpet, and the use of intricate, colorful patterns and symbolic imagery. In his artworks, Seife tries to play off those classic patterns, geometric shapes and graphic symbols.

Seife adds his own personality to the works, through introducing color that’s not typically associated with the textiles. What he is trying to mirror, however, is the way weavers use the rugs to link the pattern, color and style with a specific geographic area. As Designboom notes, “His take on the carpets sees each color and pattern specifically correlate to what state of mind and emotion he is in while executing the artwork.”