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Striking modern home is an ode to right angles

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Tucked amongst mature trees, this clean-lined residence is a stunner

This modern Vancouver home is as beautiful as it is spacious. Designed by James K. M. Cheng Architects, the home’s look and structure is dominated by clean right angles and lines that draw the eye along a vertical or horizontal axis.

The emphasis on lines starts with facade, with its gridded garage door and vertically framed second-floor windows. At the same time, the design keeps things interesting with a stacked stone wall to the left of the door and two playful rectangular windows that seem to peek out from behind.

The range of materials is simple: natural wood, glass, stone, and concrete. Vertical slats of wood paneling throughout the home help to soften the strong lines of the exterior.

Inside, there’s a series of clean white spaces floored with tile, wood, and river rock. The master bath is entirely lined with white marble. An impressive skeletal staircase brings visitors up to the third floor. Check out more photos here.

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